Society for the Exploration of Psychoanalytic Therapies and Theology





As academics and clinicians, we are committed to the dialogue of Christian theology and the psychoanalytic therapies. We believe that such a conversation is both consonant with historic Christianity and supportive of its redemptive telos.


As a community united by shared psychoanalytic interests and faith, we seek to enact the relationality that is intrinsic to both, through the collegial and scholarly bonds nurtured in this forum.


Moreover, we believe that the synergistic effect of our interdisciplinary dialogue combined with a rich sense of community, will engender scholarly writing that will be generative to both psychoanalysis and Christianity. It is our hope that applications of theologically grounded psychoanalytic theory will ultimately serve to enlighten the broader cultural horizon.



SEPTT educates clinicians in the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in dialogue with Christian theology. In this capacity, it seeks to promote community between Christian academics, clinicians and clergy who are dedicated to psychoanalytic therapies, relationality, and theology.



SEPTT will be the organization of choice for clinicians seeking psychoanalytic training informed by Christian theology.



Clinical Excellence in a relationally based, theologically informed community






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