Brookhaven Institute for Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology (BIPACT)

Our Training Programs


In keeping with the guidelines set forth by the American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis (ABAP), BIPACT training is comprised of coursework, personal analysis, and supervised clinical work.



In-residence classes meet each year during the summer intensive, which concludes with the first module, and then three additional modules in fall, winter, and spring (at the CAPS convention). There are five reading group classes following each module that add focus and detail to the module instruction. In summary, the time commitment for classes is a seven-day summer intensive, three 3 day modules, one (CAPS) 5 day module, and 20 two-hour reading groups per year. The ten-day summer intensive/module one launches the academic year. Reading groups, modules, and the summer intensive will be co-taught by visiting senior analysts and BIPACT faculty/instructors to ensure both excellence in psychoanalysis and theological integration.  Reading groups meet at 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Eastern Time on five successive Thursdays following each module.


PERSONAL PSYCHOANALYSIS/ PSYCHOTHERAPY is to be initiated prior to the beginning of supervised clinical work. All candidates are encouraged to complete a three-times per week, three hundred hour analysis. The minimum requirement is determined by whether the candidate is in a one year, two year, or three year program. BIPACT does not subscribe to a training analyst system, and candidates can work with an analyst of their own choosing with BIPACT approval. Each session must take place on a different day of the week (for two year and three year candidates) and must be at least 45 minutes in duration. The candidate’s analyst must have had, at the commencement of the candidate’s analysis/ psychotherapy, three years of full-time experience following graduation from a psychoanalytic training program.  For certificate candidates who complete a third year, appointments must typically occur in the context of three appointments per week with a certified psychoanalyst.  Exceptions to three appointments a week are acceptable in the event of holidays, vacations and illness. For two-year candidates, appointments must typically occur during twice weekly appointments in order to meet the psychotherapy requirement.



CLINICAL REQUIREMENTS: Two year and three-year candidates will conduct one to two adult control cases, under supervision. Minimum requirements for these analyses are listed in the curricula of the two and three year programs. Candidates must be licensed in their discipline in the state where they are conducting the analyses.



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