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Recommended readings for newcomers to psychoanalytic thinking


Psychoanalytic Diagnoses, 2nd ed., by Nancy McWilliams. Without question this is one of the most important professional books I've ever read. McWilliams' explanation of character and its implications for therapy are vivid and insightful.


Freud and Beyond, by Mitchell and Black is a very accessible history for those of us whose training is analytic thinking was more caricature than honest teaching.


 Freud and Man's Soul by Bruno Bettelheim


 Modes of Therapeutic Action by Martha Stark.


Nancy McWilliams' Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a great, easily readable introductory text.


Lester Luborsky wrote with the clarity and specificity and relevance of an empirical treatment outcome researcher making certain to operationalize and concretize the evanescent and obscure procedures and processes of psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy. Each of his books listed on AMAZON deserve our attention as students but also even as accomplished clinicians and teachers


Still Practicing by Sandra Buechler - as an early career clinician, this book resonated with me. It isn’t an easy time to be entering the field of healthcare or soul care. This book made it okay for me to hold disillusionment and hope at the same time.


Madness and Murder by Michael Eigen It’s a relatively short read, transcribed from a series of lectures he gave overseas. Much of it is set up in question and answer format with questions from students. I found it much easier to read than his other works which can be very dense and it feels more like him, with the warmth that I experienced when we were able to sit with him. Additionally, every psychoanalytic clinician should have at least a few provocatively-titled tomes on their shelves, and this is a great way to get your toes wet.


Skillful Soul of the Therapist for incredibly profound clinical and personal narrative that illustrates depth therapy in detail and nuance...including chapters from Marie, Daniel Shaw, Steven Sandage, Nancy McWilliams etc.


Doing Psychotherapy by Michael Basch


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