Brookhaven Institute for Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology (BIPACT)

BIPACT is Distinct


An Integrated Model

BIPACT is unique among psychoanalytic institutes because of its intentional respect for both the tripartite psychoanalytic educational process of instruction, supervision, and psychoanalysis, and its acknowledgment of the value of theological/spiritual integration. All courses are taught through use of the most applicable psychoanalytic literature, by senior analysts who have expertise in that area. In addition, BIPACT faculty with expertise in these same areas, extend the learning through additional psychoanalytic reading, and through providing consilient perspectives from theology.


A Relational Model

Beginning with the first week intensive, BIPACT seeks to foster a sense of Christian community by convening at a retreat type setting. In subsequent in-residence weekends, daily contemplative groups and communal meals enhance the learning process. Free time for informal personal relating is provided.


Care has been taken to fashion this program in a way that will not overburden students with expense. Therefore, the model provides psychoanalytic instruction in only three years, unlike many that require four. This is accomplished through the intensive face-to-face learning as well as cyber instruction via interactive video software. Our goal of care for the candidate motivates us to provide training that is both affordable and has a relational sensibility.


A Contemplative Model

Mindfulness is a broad term appearing currently in many psychoanalytic seminars, and is a form of meditation that has gained great appeal. At BIPACT, we acknowledge the powerful impact of meditation through our return to Christian contemplative practices. SEPTT's Associate Director for Spiritual Formation and BIPACT instructor, Dr. Anita Lehmann Sorenson, will work with the program developers to include times of spiritual reflection on the material studied, enabling candidates to experience the import of didactic offerings at the affective level.




Institute certification is granted upon review by the ABAP after the third year of an institute's operation. BIPACT will apply for affiliate status with ABAP in the first year of operation. The curriculum and training program is established according to psychoanalytic institute accrediting standards and BIPACT will vigorously pursue full accreditation.

Brookhaven Institute

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