Brookhaven Institute for Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology (BIPACT)

Three-Year Program: Psychoanalysis Certification Track



Components listed under the One-Year Program comprise the first year and those listed under year two of the Two-Year Program comprise the second year in the Psychoanalysis Certification Track. During the third year, coursework can change to focus on more salient topics.  A typical sample of the third year is listed below:


July Summer Intensive (Fogelsville, PA: July 2018): Attachment, Infant Studies, Neuroscience, Research/Publication

Module One: (Fogelsville, PA: July 2018, in-residence at end of summer intensive): I: Axis II Personality Disorders

Weekly mentoring groups (5) continue focus of Module One (2 hours once weekly. Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time).


Module Two: (October 2018): Psychosis Clinical

Weekly mentoring groups (5) continue focus of Module Two (2 hours once weekly)


Module Three: (January 2019): Psychosomatic/Eating Disorders Clinical

Weekly mentoring groups (5) continue focus of Module Three (2 hours once weekly)


Module Four: (CAPS Weekend 2019): Couples

Weekly mentoring groups (5) continue focus of Module Four (2 hours once weekly)


Candidates in third year will be aided in preparing a clinical case presentation for publication and/or presentation to a  psychoanalytic conference inclusive of the psychoanalytic track at CAPS and/or a peer-reviewed journal.  Weekly reading/mentoring groups continue developing focus of the weekend modules, as well as facilitating completion of publication / presentation projects.



Complete a personal psychoanalysis of a minimum of 300 hours with a certified psychoanalyst. Frequency is to be three times weekly. At least 150 hours must occur concurrently with BIPACT clinical consultation of a control case.



Complete two control cases, minimum of three appointments weekly on three separate days, 200 hours minimum for each patient. Complete two hundred (200) hours of individual psychoanalytic supervision with a minimum of 3 psychoanalyst supervisors, of which at least fifty (50) hours shall be with one psychoanalyst supervisor working on one case, at least fifty (50) hours shall be with a second psychoanalyst supervisor working on one additional  case.  Supervision with a third and fourth psychoanalyst supervisor will be for a minimum of fifty (50) hours working on one or more cases.  A minimum of  one hundred (100) hours with one supervisor may be elected in lieu of a fourth supervisor.  A minimum of one hundred (100) hours must be with a BIPACT supervisor (s).   The institute requires that a supervisor may not have been and may not currently be one’s personal analyst.

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